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Highbridges Academy ensures that your child receives the best education while still providing an excellent atmosphere for social and physical growth

Welcome to Our School

Highbridges Academy is a Day & Boarding school that provides a diverse educational experience that encourages the love of learning and enables children to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

The school caters for the holistic development of all of its pupils and emphasizes the importance of leading a well-balanced life.

A well balanced school life

Morality, ethics, honesty, respect and accountability are highly encouraged to go hand in hand with the learner’s education.

Our aim is to help each child reach their full potential within a caring and supportive environment. Allowing boys and girls to grow and mature together in a co-educational setting helps them to develop well-rounded social skills.


To be an educational institution that is committed to developing articulate, critical and creative individuals who are responsible contributors and agents of change to the community


To provide quality educational experience that enable the pupils achieve their educational goals and inculcate core learning skills applicable over their lifetime

Core Values

High Achievement for all, High education Quality, Respect for human differences, Pursuit of excellence, Lifelong Learning success, Continuous Improvement

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum was originally the 8-4-4 system but with the upbringing of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) that is set to replace the former, we are already putting the new curriculum to use following every necessary requirement.

Extra-curricular Activities


The school offers a rich variety of sports activities offered including swimming, volleyball, football and athletics. We are able to accommodate these sports in more than adequate facilities which are sufficiently maintained and regularly upgraded. Our teaching staff observe our pupils’ progress, skills and attitudes outside the classroom situation. This extracurricular interaction aids rapport between teachers and pupils. We also utilize the services of specialist coaches where the expertise may not be available among the academic staff and when extra enrichment can be afforded.

Music, Play/Drama and Clubs

Activities offered by the school include choir, scouts club, music, debate and drama. We present a play/ drama production each year, this is proudly driven by our academic staff and show-cases the wonderful and varied talents of our pupils, giving them the opportunity to discover, explore and display their innate flairs.

By learning and participating in these activities, children not only satisfy their natural yearning for physical activity, they also learn good sportsmanship, co-operation and team loyalty as well as improve co-ordination, balance and gross-motor skills

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